A Super Consignment Event for Kids now in 2 locations – Clackamas, OR and Vancouver, WA! A Super Easy Way to Make and Save $!

What’s New

 What’s New Spring 2020 (nothing new for Fall 2021)

0. The consignor fee will be collected when registering for the sale.   You will be directed to Paypal.  You don’t need a paypal account to pay.  The fee is now $12.50 to cover the Paypal fees.  If this is a problem for anyone, just contact Susan for other arrangements.

1/2.  BOOK LIMITS:  There is a new 50 book limit per consignor.

1. New Volunteer %s: This is the new volunteer earnings schedule: 1 shift=70%, 2 shifts=70%, 3 shifts=75%, 4= shifts=75% and 5 shifts=80%.  We have been super flexible in the past when a volunteer hasn’t shown up to work, but the rule has always been that a $15 fee will be charged, and this will now be enforced. If a schedule conflict comes up, please find a replacement volunteer. If a real emergency arises, please call Susan at 503-866-1875.

2. Teen/Adult Sale:  We will no longer do a separate teen/adult/home sale.  The kids sale will go up to sizes 18/20. But we will still have a teen and adult section. At the Gresham sale, you are allowed to bring 15 teen items and 5 adult items. At the Jantzen Beach sale, you are allowed to bring 25 teen items and 15 adult items.   For both sales, you can bring 5-10 items for the Parent Paradise section.

3.  New Items Not Being Accepted:  We are not accepting Breast Pumps! We are not accepting Bathing Suits, Life Jackets and Pool Toys for the Fall sales. We are no longer accepting stuffed animals or Beanie Babies.  Exceptions include character stuffed animals (such as Winnie the Pooh), Build-a-Bear, Webkinz, and Beanie Boos.  We are also no longer accepting crib bumpers, infant sleep positioners, car seat accessories (like head rests and strap padding) and car sun shades (with hard plastic) and bike helmets older than 5 years due to safety concerns.  Other miscellaneous items are free diaper bags, PJ bottoms or tops that were originally a set.  Look at the “Get Started” page for a full list of acceptable/unacceptable items and seasonal guidelines.
Consignor Guidelines 


5. Super Sellers: As of Spring 2019, there will be new rules associated with be a Super Seller. Since the Spring 2011 sale, you are requested to participate in a minimum of one sorting shift if you are bringing in more than 400 item. You will receive an email if you are considered a Super Seller.

6. Drop and Run: Drop and Runs are now allowed for consignors that have all their tags marked as “Donate”. The consignor doesn’t have to wait to see what is accepted or rejected, except for large items (that can be taken home if they can’t be accepted). Anything not accepted will be donated to charity before the sale.

7. Presale Guests: You are still allowed to bring one guest with you to the Presale, but now the guest needs to be an immediate family member, such as a spouse, partner, mom, dad, or in-laws (anyone shopping for your kids only). If your friend or sister want to come shop the presale, then they need to sign up to be a consignor, or only be shopping for your child(ren). This is a special privilege for those who have put in the hard work to be a consignor. Thanks for understanding.

8. Consignor Teams:  If you have consigned in the past with your sister or friend under one consignor number, we ask if you would please get separate consignor numbers for this sale.  You can still consign with your mom or anyone that is putting in items that are from your children.  This makes it fair for everyone to volunteer the same amount of hours to reap the benefits of earning more %.

9. Items Limits:  Overall Hanging Items: 400 per consignor (If you have more than this, you can open a second consignor number)
Infant clothing 0-12 months: 100 Items per Sex; Maternity: 25 Items

10. Onesies/Bibs: Since the Fall 2011 Sale, we are no longer accepting onesies and bibs in Ziploc bags. For onesies, you can group 3 or less together and hang them on a hanger. For bibs, you can tag one individually or you can attach a few together with a tagging gun. They will be hung on racks.

11. New Tagging Tips: Please do not attach a tag to an item with a safety pin to the front of the item!!! This will leave a hole in the item, and shoppers might pass up your item for this reason. A tagging gun is your best option, but if you still want to use safety pins, pin under the armpit.

12. Ziploc Bags: Since the Spring 2011 sale, the new policy for Ziploc bags is to tape the tag to the inside of the bag instead of the outside. This will provide extra security so that tags are not switched or lost during the sale. Be sure to seal your Ziploc bags shut with packaging tape so items don’t get removed.

13. Cribs: Since the Fall 2011 Sale, we can only accept cribs manufactured to the June 2011 standard.

14. New Recalls: Since the Fall 2011 sale, draw strings are not allowed anymore on clothing items for sizes 12 and under. You can just remove the drawstring from the item before and still sell the item at the sale.