A Super Consignment Event for Kids now in 2 locations – Clackamas, OR and Vancouver, WA! A Super Easy Way to Make and Save $!

Work at the Sale

Become a Team Member at the sale to help make it a super sale! Click the links below to view the work schedules before signing up.

Gresahm Work Schedule

Jantzen Beach Work Schedule

Click the following links to register to work at the sale:

Gresham Worker Registration

Jantzen Beach Worker Registration

The Worker System is turned on approximately 1.5 months prior to each sale (an email will be sent out to the entire email list and posted on facebook).  If you need to cancel or reschedule a work shift, please do so before then. You can do this by logging into the “Help at the Sale” Page. If an emergency arises after this time, please call Susan on her cell at 503-866-1875.

It is Super Easy for you to earn 70%, 75%, or 80% of your sales by helping out at the sale. The sale is growing bigger and bigger and we really need your help to have a successful sale. Team Members get to shop for the best deals at the Team Member Presale that starts even before the Consignor Presale. You will receive emails reminders regarding your shift and can change your shift anytime before the Saturday before the sale.

You don’t need to be a consignor to work at the sale. At the log in screen, choose the option towards the bottom to sign up as a “Non-Consigning Worker”. There you will set up a Worker Account and password. This is your log in.

Don’t forget to bring your presale pass to shop at the Presale. For the ½ Price Presale, we will have a list to check you in.

Here are your options for earning potential and shopping times for the Presale on Tuesday, April 13 (Gresham):

If you consign, but do not work, earn 65% and shop at 5pm.

Work 1 4-hour shift and earn 70% commission and shop at 2pm, before all the non-working consignors.

Work 2 4-hour shifts, earn 70% commission and shop early at 1:30pm.

Work 3 4-hour shifts, earn 75% commission and shop really early at 1:00pm.

Work 4 4-hour shifts, earn 75% commission and shop even earlier at 12:30pm.

Work 5 4-hour shifts, earn 80% commission and shop at almost the earliest at 12:00pm.

Work 6 4-hour shifts, earn 80% commission and shop the earliest at 11:30am.

See the Presale Page for the schedule.

You do not have to be a consignor to be a worker. Just register as a worker first and sign up for a shift online.

Consignors: If you are ready to sign up, just log in with your consignor number and password and find a shift that works for you. We accept husbands and grandparents too to fulfill your shift.

Non-consignors: You don’t have to be a consignor to be a worker! At the log-in screen choose the option near the bottom to sign up as Worker. You can then set up a Worker Account and password.

Other Incentives

Easy $5! Refer a new consignor and you will receive an extra $5 in your earnings check. There is no limit, just make sure they list your name in the “Referred by:” field. Both you and the new consignor must show up to consign to receive this.

Job Descriptions

When you sign up for a shift, you will also sign up for a job position. This way you have an idea of what you will be doing during the sale so you can jump right in when you arrive. You will have a sign in sheet for you to sign when you arrive so you will get credit for your work. Also be sure to check in with Susan or a Super Team Leader when you arrive for your shift.

Setup and Tear Down: Do you love power tools? These shifts require lifting, carrying, building, and deconstructing racks and tables and displays. We love husbands for these shifts. You and your husband can work together too and count as 2 shifts (if you can find a babysitter!)

Inspector: Do you have a keen eye? Your job will be to quickly inspect all the clothing items that are dropped off for stains, rips, holes or overly worn. You will also check baby gear and toys to make sure they are in working order and have the parts and required batteries.

Runner: Need a little exercise? You will be on the move bringing items from the inspection tables to the right place in the sale. Run if you want!

Merchandiser: Are you an organizer? Then this job is for you. The main duty of this position is to be out on the floor helping make the merchandise look better by organizing items and tidying up. This job also includes finding any tags that have fallen off and hopefully finding their matching item. You will also be a presence on the floor to discourage any shoplifting.

Greeters: Do you love people? With this job you will have the chance to talk to everyone that comes through the door! You will be greeting shoppers, making sure they have a shopping bag and letting them know where everything is located in the sale. This job is perfect if you are a mom with an infant (under 12 months) that you can hold in an infant carrier. Must be able to talk fast too!

Bagger: Are you a multi-tasker? With this job you get to chat with all the shoppers while you bag their merchandise. You will count the items going into the bags and double check this number with the Scanner person to see if they have the same number on the cash register.

Scanner/Cash Register: Do you love money? This job will scan all the tags for the customer and will assist in collecting money and returning change. You will also help with credit card transactions.

Sorter: Are you up for a challenge? This position requires speed to quickly sort everyone’s stuff back into order by consignor number so that everyone can pick up their stuff quickly.

Hold Area: Can you keep track of a lot of things? This position takes items from shoppers that want to put them on hold. There is a hold tag to fill out and then the items are placed in an Hold Area for up to 2 hours. If the shopper goes over this time limit, then the items need to be returned back to the sales floor. Also this position helps with trying to match lost tags with the items they belong.

Line Host: Do you like to be first in line? For this job, you stay at the front of the line during the busiest times to direct the shoppers to the next available checkout station. It is a little known fact, that once a shopper gets to the front of the line, they start looking around and not paying attention. So you are there to kindly push them along..