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Tagging Tips/FAQs/Pricing Guidelines

How do I price my stuff?

This is a very common question and a hard one to answer! First, ask yourself what amount YOU would pay for the item. Price it no more than what you would be willing to pay. While there are no hard-and-fast rules to pricing your items and it can be somewhat tricky, check out these guidelines we typically recommend.

Pricing Guidelines

Where can I buy Cardstock?

You can buy cardstock at office supply, craft stores, print shops or at Super Friends Days. You can buy it at Michael’s and JoAnn’s in packages of 50 sheets for about $4. So if you use a 40% coupon, it would reduce your price to about $2.50. You can also buy cardstock at Super Friends Days for 15sheets/$1 for white or color (check for specific Super Friends dates for the sale you are participating in). Leamy Printing in downtown Troutdale sells packages of 200 sheets for about $10, if you want to go in with a friend. Tags print 10 to a page. Please buy white or light colored cardstock (bright red and pink have not worked for other consignors).

Where can I get FREE or Cheap Hangers?

You can sometimes get free hangers from Carter’s Outlet, Osh Kosh Outlet and Old Navy, Fred Meyer, Kohls, Wal-Mart and Petsmart (yes, Petsmart) have also been known to give some away if you talk to the right person. Just don’t wait until the last minute, or you will have competition from other procrastinators.  If you need to buy them, Dollar Store, Goodwill, Wal-Mart and BiMart seem to have the cheapest prices. Susan usually has a supply to share at Super Friends Days that (check for specific Super Friends dates for the sale you are participating in). At the end of the sale when you pick up your unsold items, you will be able to get hangers to replenish your supply.

Where can I get a Tagging Gun?

You can buy a tagging gun at one of the Super Friends Days . They are $12 and they come with 1,000 barbs ($13 tax included in Washington). Or you can call Karin at 503-669-0261 or email her at kday26@comcast.net (with “tagging gun” in the subject) to buy a gun anytime for $12. We can also sell you just barbs (1,000 for $3). Or you can buy them from www.bargainprice4u.com for $8 (including shipping), but they take about 2 weeks to arrive from China.  Office Depot, Staples etc sell them for about $50, so don’t even waste your time going there!

Quick Tips

1. Printing Tags: Make sure you are using 65 lb cardstock for your tags and you print using your standard ink settings. DO NOT USE the high or low setting when printing your tags because too much or too little ink makes your tags not scan during checkout (make sure they don’t look faded). Feel free to make your tags look distinctive with a stamp, a highlighter, or crazy scissors.

2. Tape and Ziplocs: When using tape to attach your tags to your item, just place one piece across the center of the tag. If you are using a Ziploc bag, you can now place the tag inside a bag.

3. Shoes: Zip tying shoes together works best.

4. Car Seats: Please put the expiration date on the tag along with a detailed description.

5. Blankets: For smaller blankets and throws, please roll them up and put a rubberband around them for better display.

6. Car Seats: If you are bringing a car seat, check out this website National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/recalls/childseat.cfm) to make sure it is not on the recall list. There will be a form to sign when you drop it off verifying that this and that it is not older than 5 years and hasn’t been in an accident. Please but the expiration date on the tag. If it is older than 5 years, you can recycle it at any Fixx Auto store in Oregon.

7. Recalls: Please check to see if any of your items, especially cribs, play yards and bassinets, but also toys and clothing, have been recalled. It is illegal to sell anything recalled.

8. Acceptable Items: Please see the “What to Sell and How to Tag” page for a complete listing of what items are and not accepted at the sale.