A Super Consignment Event for Kids now in 2 locations – Clackamas, OR and Vancouver, WA! A Super Easy Way to Make and Save $!

Pick Up

Pick Up Times

Gresham: Monday, September 27th 12:00PM – 7:00PM

Jantzen Beach: Monday, December 6th 12:00PM – 7:00PM

Pick Up Procedure

There will be volunteers at the sale to help you through the process of locating your items.
• Locate your consignor number on the racks for your hanging items. There will be a separate rack for maternity items. The items will be grouped together in numerical order.
• A volunteer will bring you your box with your consignor number on it with items such as toys, books, bedding, hats etc. Even if you did not bring anything besides clothes, please check for a box in case something fell off a hanger and was placed in a box.
• Look through the “Missing Tag” rack and the “Stain” rack for any of your items.
• Pick up hangers to replenish your supply for the next sale.
• Initial by your name on the checkout list and pick up your pass to the “Bargain Buck” sale.
• Bring your unsold items back to your car.
• Come back in and shop at the “Bargain Buck” Sale.

Pick Up Tips

• All items not picked up by 8pm will be donated.
• If you cannot pickup your unsold items, please make arrangements for someone else to pick them up for you.
• Please note that anyone who says they will pick up their unsold items, but does not show up or send someone to pick them up, you will be charged a $10 fine. There is effort that goes into sorting your stuff, so if you don’t plan on coming, then just mark your items as ‘Donate’. Thanks for your understanding.

Bargain Buck Sale

Any item that has been marked to be donated will be able to be purchased for $1 at this sale just for consignors. The money earned from this sale will be given to the charity, so the consignors do not receive credit. This money will help the charity buy other things that they might need. This is a Cash Only Sale! We also will limit your purchases to 20 items per consignor. Please pick up your items first and bring them to your car, then come back to shop.