A Super Consignment Event for Kids now in 2 locations – Clackamas, OR and Vancouver, WA! A Super Easy Way to Make and Save $!


1. Register: Go to the Register page and click the link to register you for the upcoming sale. You will be assigned a consignor number. This number is printed on all your tags.

2. Get Ready to Tag: Go to the Get Started page to find out all the supplies you will need to tag your items. There is even a video that shows you the supplies. Go to the Super Friends Days page to find the times that will be a central location, such as a park or coffee store, to sell tagging guns or cardstock. New Super Friends Days are announced on Facebook and emails too.

3. Tag Your Items: Go the How to Tag Page to learn how to use the on-line tagging system, how to price your items, how to attach your tags to your items and how to hang your items. There are also Tagging Videos to watch on how to tag items such as shoes, bedding, books, toys and multiple piece items.

4. Work at the Sale: Go to the Work at the Sale page to sign up to work at the sale. You can view the work schedule and incentives to work. The more you work, the more you earn on your sales (from 65%-80%), and the earlier you shop on Presale Day. See the Presale schedule.

5. Drop Off Your Items: Go to the Drop Off page to pick a time to drop off your items at the sale. These times are in 30 minute intervals. A drop-off appointment is not required, but recommended. We will accommodate the consignors with appointments first.

6. Shop the Presale and the Sale: Go to the Presale page to learn about the Consignor Presale. If you volunteer, you get to shop even earlier based on the volunteer shifts you work. When you drop off your items, you will receive a “Pre-Sale” pass for you and a friend to shop the presale before the general public.

7. Pick Up Your Unsold Items: Go to thePick Up page to find the designated time to pick-up your un-sold items after the sale ends. Your items will be sorted back into your consignor number, so you will find all your stuff together. If you prefer not to pick up your items, then choose the “Donate” option on each tag. We will donate them to the charities that we have selected for each sale.

8. Receive Your Check: Your check should arrive in the mail in about 2 weeks.


Too busy to tag your own items, Super Star Tagging Service is here to help!  You can still purge your items and shop the sale early. Drop off your items with one of our experienced Super Star Taggers and they will prep, tag and deliver your items to the sale. 

Step 1.  Register for the sale.  You are responsible to pay the registration fee.  

Step 2.  Review the Tagging Service Details and Agreement

All items should be in good to excellent condition and not recalled.  Toys must be clean & items requiring working batteries. Clothing should be freshly laundered & free of stains, damage, wrinkles, odors (pet/smoke), pet hair & any other damage.  Clothing should be neatly folded. All items should be placed in boxes for delivery to your tagger. Boxes/storage tubs will not be returned. Organize your items in boxes based on clothing versus toys etc. 


Deliver all of your items to your Super Star Tagger within 2 weeks of when you registered for the tagging service, or 2 weeks prior to the inventory cutoff deadline. 

You can discuss drop off times/location with your tagger once you have registered. 


Your tagger will price your items, hang clothing & deliver it to the sale location.

Your tagger will inspect each item for quality.  If items do not meet sale standards, the tagger can use her discretion to donate these items.  

Your tagger reserves the right to “bundle” items in order to achieve a higher selling price (such as outfits rather than selling as single items)


As a tagging service seller, you will retain 40% of the price on sold items, unless you work any shifts at the sale.

As a tagging service seller, you can shop the Consignor Presale.  The time is based on how many shifts you work. If you don’t work, you can shop at 2pm.  Since you will not receive a physical presale pass, your name will be on a list at the door.  

You can choose to Donate your unsold items or you are responsible for picking them up after the sale. You can print off a Donation Report after the sale.  


  • You will receive your check  within 2 weeks of the sale. 


Click on this link for the Super Star Tagging Service Application and email it to susan@superkidsresale.com (you can scan or take a picture).  Then start gathering your BEST kids items & one of our taggers will contact you to arrange your drop off time!

Donations to Local Charities

Super Kids Resale helps more local families in need by donating the leftover items that to multiple charities. For each sale, we try to share the donations among a variety of charities and are always looking for new ones.  If you would like your charity to be considered to receive future donations, please email Susan.

In the past, the sales have donated to “Oregon Department of Human Services”, “Birch Community Services”, “Foster Parent’s Closet”, “My Father’s House”, “Pregnancy Resource Center”, “Northwest Children’s Outreach”, and “Portland Adventist Community Services”, lots of local school and church clothes closets, homeless shelters and numerous international clothing and shoe drives.

If you are a consignor that is donating items after the sale that don’t sell, you will be able to print out an itemized Donation Report at the end of the sale.